Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP Graphics card: Review & Specs

Zotac offers its GeForce GTX 660 Ti AMP! With the game Borderlands 2. Equipped with a cooling system with dual fans, this tiny graphics card was in the belly. Its frequencies are boosted relative to the base model from Nvidia.

Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP

Nvidia has just launched its latest graphics card, the Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP, and Zotac offers already in an overclocked version. Indeed, this model stamped AMP! Edition boosts operating frequency of the reference Nvidia graphics chip and memory, to deliver 10% performance increase, according to the manufacturer.

Surprisingly small

Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP

First striking thing, this Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP graphics card is tiny. It only 17 cm long. Only its radiator advanced to 19 cm in places. It will therefore go in many cases. But beware, it occupies two bays and requires a PSU with two PCI-Express to six pin (Zotac also provides two adapters to free four Molex connectors).

A GTX 670, or almost

Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP

The Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP is very similar to the GTX 670. It is distinguished mainly by a narrower memory bus, which the disadvantage in very high definition (2560 x 1440 pixels, multimonitor etc..) And when heavy anti-aliasing filters are applied. Zotac sells its card priced Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP at 349 euros. It is accompanied by Borderlands 2 (on the Steam platform). A highly anticipated game, sold for 49 euros, which will be launched on 20 September. Finally, note that you can expand the warranty card for five years following the procedure described on the site of Zotac.
Effective dissipation
Thurs 2 Borderlands offered


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