ZTE Apache 8-Core Processor Smartphone: Specs & Features

In 2012, one of the most innovative specifications that entered in the era of smartphone was quad-core processor, many of the great vendors are still working to get quad-core processor in their smartphones, story doesn’t end here, a rising star of 2013 the ZTE Apache is on the road with its octo-core (8-core) processor. So, now we may guess 2013 would be better in innovation in the smartphones. Few weeks before we came to know, 1080p full HD display in smartphones and now ZTE Apache smartphones are ready to change the things.

ZTE Apache MediaTek 8core smartphone

Recently, Samsung also revealed the 8-core processor development. The Chinese manufacturer ZTE has announced that its future model ZTE Apache smartphone mount a chip Mediatek of 8 ARM15 cores in 28 nm and is slated for release next year. Yes, in mid 2013 this super smartphone would be released.

Now, we would have to consider whether to continue implementing core is an optimal solution for mobile devices. Most current applications do not use more than two threads and of course the great benefit comes when load sharing by all available cores.

Why there are multicore, although it seems contradictory, the energy savings since the more core processors allow working at low-frequencies with unitary energy added is less than a far more frequently core-carrying perform the same task.

Obviously the power of a smartphone with latent 8 cores is very important, but we would like to get their hands to see how far we could take advantage of it.

But the end user, if he/she will know that this smartphone contains octo-core processor and he has a choice with a quad-core processor, he will choose octo-core smartphone, so it can be ZTE Apache.

On other hand, just revealed the 8-core processor, also there is some official information like 2.5GB RAM, 5inches full HD display, Android 4.x, 2550 mAh battery and 13MP camera. These all things can change the smartphone game of 2013. When I came to know these things, I remembered where Samsung Galaxy S IV will stand? What you think about ZTE Apache smartphone, leave a comment and let us know.

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