ZTE N880E smartphone with Jelly Bean: Specs & Features

Every time we realize that the issue of updates is with every companies, which do not indicate a prior update or adapt a new version to a smartphone or tablet is costly in time and money, and it is normal that some companies take months to do so, yet it seems that is not entirely true because it is normal that Google has already updated is half of their devices since it is Google. Now, ZTE has revealed its new smartphone i.e. ZTE N880E with Jelly Bean. This is the first phone which is going to have Android Jelly bean and all this in less than two months. Who said it is expensive?

Also another “white lies” other manufacturers said, new versions of mobiles are very powerful and so some older phones no longer be updated, these statement of course have lies, but small portion of truth is there which is true, need powerful phones to support the updates. But here is the new smartphone i.e. ZTE N880E, this new phone is supporting and running on Jelly bean perfectly and smoothly.
Phone features include:

The size is 119mm x 61mm x 10.4mm
4-inch screen, WVGA, 480 x 800 resolution TFT capacitive screen
Weight 130g
1650mAh Li-on Battery
1GHz processor
4GB internal memory and 512MB Ram
Port memory with MicroSD expansion
Camera 3.2MP


As we see the specs of this phone is not like the Galaxy S3 but unlike the ZTE N880E already has Jelly Bean and where as S3 has hardware infinitely better but still running outdated, you can imagine now that manufacturer are playing.

Many times the company ZTE has highlighted the good relations that they have with Google and the rapport with the company in developing the new versions, making Android in China has more than half of the sector, then What should we think when we see that devices of the same or better features to this will not be updated? It seems that ZTE is betting on Android experience and the quality of their devices and not as other sales, and the benefits it is generating seems to do well.

In our opinion the ZTE N880E is a great phone, very competent, even though the hardware is not it more than most, that take the standard version 4.1 means that soon become obsolete, offering Android experience better than others more mobile but still powerful in previous versions and that it bears serial Jelly Bean highlighted in contrast to the other. We can say ZTE N880E is slap over the other manufacturers who have just give excuses to update there “powerful” phone to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, what else we can assume rather than this.

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