ZTE Windows Phone 8 will be the world’s largest smartphone or phablet: Specs & Features

ZTE is going to announce world’s largest smartphone running the latest OS; in this case we are talking 5.9 inch Full HD resolution smartphone ZTE Windows Phone 8. This ZTE phablet would be an impressive cover letter for a new smartphone that the Chinese manufacturer ZTE is preparing for the new operating system.

ZTE Windows Phone 8

Hold on, earlier you have seen smartphones and phablets near about 5inches but here comes the 6inches ZTE phablet which will be the giant and other smartphones in front of this smartphone would look small child.

ZTE Windows Phone 8 would not only be the largest of the Microsoft platform, but of the whole market.

ZTE Windows Phone 8 would also be the first WP8 with Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixel HD overcoming the Nokia Lumia 920. This smartphone aimed at ‘phablet’ for its size and stylus although not confirmed, nor its components.

Also we have brought the specs and features of this giant ZTE smartphone but nothing is official so nothing is confirmed:

• Quad-Core processor, 1.5GHz
• Multi-touch capacitive 5.9inches full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) display
• 2700 mAh battery
• 16GB on-board memory
• Windows Phone 8

This was all regarding upcoming ZTE Windows Phone 8 phablet which would bring a new revolutions in the giant smartphone market, so stay tunes for the latest updates regarding this giant.

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