ZTE’s Axon Elite – more ways to unlock mobile

Axon- the latest addition in the smartphone
Axon- the latest addition in the smartphone

Have you ever felt that there were just limited options to unlock your phone? However, with ZTE’s Axon, you may never feel like complaining. Yes, ZTE’s Axon Elite gives you all the way more options to unlock your phone- Either through your eyes or fingerprints and also your voice.

The Chinese telecommunications company has gone ahead and announced its latest addition in the Android smartphones on Thursday at nowhere else but in IFA in Berlin. Whereas the Axon Pro was meticulously designed in the U.S. specifically for the people of the U.S. market, the Axon Elite is made for the rest of the world — namely continents like Europe, Asia-Pacific and even Latin America.

Major features

The Elite’s most alluring and nice feature involves unlocking the phone. People are thrown with the range of options they want to pick and choose from. There’s something called as a fingerprint sensor which absolutely works for the back of the device and is situated just below the given secondary camera. That is surely not all.

The phone also can be easily unlocked via a simple scan of your eye or even with your voice. How secure the last mode  could be is of course surely unclear.

The features may work well but it can be hard to gauge anything here. Things can be truly useful or even plain gimmicky.

Comparison with the Axon Pro

Despite having the “Elite” monicker, it can be counted as a necessary step down from the simple Axon Pro which is the least in terms of the display provided. The phone has a simple and elegant 5.5-inch display which is completed by its  1,920 x 1,080 (full HD) resolution as simply opposed to 2,560 x 1,440 (QuadHD).


Inside, the phone Elite is also running a nicely designed OS of Android 5.0.2. The phone is powered by a simple  Snapdragon 810 processor and also packs 3GB of RAM and even has a 3,000 mAh battery that has the ability to support some good  Quick Charge. The phone is even occupied with a good and integrated  32GB of internal storage, which can then be expanded via a nice, microSD card up to some useful 128GB.

Some more additions

On the back the phone is actually combined with the same dual-camera setup which is provided as on the very own Axon Pro: 13-megapixel main camera and is also provided with the  2-megapixel secondary camera for  a kind of depth sensing. Also, on the very front of the phone, you’ll also tend to find an 8-megapixel great selfie camera. Also, the back camera can even record some 4K resolution video.

Thus, it also looks like the phone  ZTE has even  replaced the Pro’s top and  also the bottom plastic back panels with a nice cover of leatherette — It is also complete with a good  Samsung’s fake leather stitching, which also has its signature design across the many products for a combined few years.

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