Zynga has announced a unified gaming platform Zynga With Friends

As part of the event Zynga announced the launch of a unified gamimg platform, and this platform is designed in such a way that it will allow players who use to run the same game in a variety of hardware and software platforms (eg, Android, iOS, Facebook, Google +, a browser) to interact with each other. This unified platform is called Zynga With Friends.

According to general manager of Zynga Manuel Bronstein, the social aspect of online gaming is sufficiently developing but at the same time fragmented. Address this fragmentation and enable the introduction of a single unified platform i.e. Zynga With Friends.

The central element of this platform will have a messaging system – Zynga message center. It was previously available only to users of Facebook and Zynga.com. In the Message Center your contact list will be available and activity feed with game statuses of other users, gifts from other users and suggestions for new games. Suggestions will be based on the games user and his friends.

In addition, the company developed a self-titled Zynga API, through which third-party developers can build into their game widgets from Zynga.com, for example, group chat, a tape of social activity and a list of users zFriends.

It is expected that the official launch of the platform Zynga With Friends will take place shortly. So, stay tuned with us.


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