3 Interesting ‘Internet of Things’ products from Xiaomi

After launching the under $25 Yi Camera with Night Vision Xiaomi is launched some very clever new products which can fall under the umbrella of “Smart” or “Internet of Things” or IoT for short, devices.

  1. Mi Wi-Fi router with 6TB built-in storage

Mi Wi-Fi router from Xiaomi

New Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router not only delivers high-speed connection but also has a storage space of up to 6TB. A 1TB version has also been announced. Supporting 802.11 ac standards, brain of the router is the dual-core 1.4GHz Broadcom 4709c processor with 512MB of RAM..

Xiaomi claimed at the event that the device increases the 2.4GHz dual-band performance by 100% and 5GHz performance by 30%. Mi Wi-Fi router can also back up and store images from cameras or smartphones. The router offers support to certain makes of cameras:Sony, Nikon, and Canon along with smartphones running on Android or iOS. Files stored in the router can also be accessed remotely via the Android and iOS apps.

Along with the WiFi router, Xiaomi also introduced a Wi-Fi Amplifier, which can amplify Mi Wi-Fi router’s range.

All good, but at what price?

6TB Mi Wi-Fi is priced at apx. US $490 while the 1TB version costs apx. US$110. The Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier is priced at apx. US$ 10 .

  1. Bedside Lamp called Yeelight

Xiaomi Yeelight

Modestly priced at just over USS$40, Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside lamp is controllable via smartphone. It can light up in 16 million colours and supports gestures to adjust the lamp’s brightness, power on/off, and colour change.

  1. Xiaomi and Midea partnership for i-Youth Smart Air Conditioner

Mi i-Youth Smart Air Conditioner

Xiaomi and Midea announced that the i-Youth Smart Air Conditioner can be controlled via a smartphone. You can control it using the Mi Smart Air-Cond App, as well as the Mi Band. The smartness lies in the Mi Band. As soon as the user earing the band enters the room, it will turn ON and once the wearer leaves, it will switch itself OFF. The AC is priced at apx US$500. It’s available in 4 colours: White, Pink, Green, and Blue.

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