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Mi Wi-Fi Nano – Another Gem from the Xiaomi family

Xiaomi has created a niche for itself in the Smartphone world, with so many classy and affordable phones on their plate. With its striking features, Xiaomi rules hearts of consumers worldwide and stands 2nd on the world’s top affordable smartphones list. Xiaomi’s new venture, a...

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5 ways to make WiFi in home faster

WiFi issues and network problems continue to haunt us on a daily basis. However, after following some simple tips there may be ways where you can overcome this issue. Just having a good strength of network is not enough as you need a consistent way...

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OnHub Smart WiFi router from Google

We all understand the possibility and importance of an existence of a WiFi router. The main reason with which we can connect to such a router because it is simple and easy. Thus, such a WiFi router helps in big ways to make things easy....

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Why Are Internet Dongles Gaining Exponential Fame?

Internet Dongles Gaining Exponential Fame

Through the current technological advancements, a lot of new and sophisticated devices have continued to emerge. These devices are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. One of the latest devices in the market today is the internet dongle. This device has proved to...

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D-Link DIR-506L Cloud Pocket Router: Review & Specs

D-Link DIR-506L

The company D-Link has created a very interesting device, Mobile Companion D-Link DIR-506L Cloud Range Extender with multiple functionalities. However, many users have been impressed by the option to share content via Wi-Fi USB. The application SharePort Mobile is a big plus for this type...

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