40 million licenses of Windows 8 are sold in a month

A month ago, an official release of the new operating system Windows 8, and began selling it in a predefined form, or as a standalone product.

Windows 8
Summing up the first month on the market, Windows 8, Microsoft said that over the past period has sold 40 million licenses of the OS. One reason for the popularity of the new operating system is called the easy way to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with the preservation of all applications, and user data. However, Microsoft did not specify the information about the number of licenses sold packaged, OEM-licenses and upgrade licenses of Windows 8.

In addition, have been published and some information about the work of the app store Windows Store. Thus, at the time of the official opening it was available more applications than any other similar product at launch. Moreover, in the past month the number of available programs it has doubled. Recall that last week it was reported that the store Windows Store is available for more than 20 thousand applications, 87% of them – free. Since that time, through the shop Windows Store has sold premium programs for more than $ 25 thousand, 80% of that amount received by developers.

However, Microsoft did not share information about the number of tablets sold Surface running Windows RT. However, previously reported that the sale of these devices do not meet original expectations.

This was all regarding the Windows 8 sales, stay tuned for more.

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