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400,000 of Wii U sold this first week

Wii U

It is only the beginning of the race, but it seems that Nintendo’s new console is being a bestseller in the United States. It was confirmed by the company itself, showing optimistic figures: 400,000 Wii U sold in the first week, running almost all the...

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Over 5 million of Galaxy Note II are sold

Galaxy Note II

Halfway between a smartphone from the largest and one of the smaller tablet the invention of Samsung Galaxy Note to think, a lot. In fact, the second iteration of the product has doubled the sales of the first pitch. In this case we are talking...

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Sony has sold 70 millions of PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

The Sony PlayStation 3 has not repeated the success of previous home consoles, but is not in bad shape. The Japanese company has just announced that they have sold 70 millions of PlayStation 3. Launched in November 2006, it was not until several years later...

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