5 ways to make WiFi in home faster

WiFi issues and network problems continue to haunt us on a daily basis. However, after following some simple tips there may be ways where you can overcome this issue. Just having a good strength of network is not enough as you need a consistent way of making your WiFi work faster.

Here are the ways:-
a) Lock it down:- You may be having no idea who would be using your WiFi at what time. Thus, it would be better if you could just make your Wifi router private. There could be times where your WiFi connection would have gone public or may be your User name or password would have gone public. You also need to be careful about certain geeks or hackers who would have manipulated with the log in details. So be wise and change the complete settings. In this way, you would be in safe zone.
b) Find the right spot:- You may guarantee about the length of your wifi connection but not about the connection of your spectrum. So ,you need to be sure as to exactly where your internet is getting connected from. Thus, do not hesitate but just get connected with the network. That can happen only when you are absolutely sure about the right place from where you would get the network.A good tip would be to simply put your router in a simple, open space and then just make sure it is centrally located and also keep it as high off the floor as you can.

WiFi signale strength
c) Measure your signal strength:- It would be a great idea if you could just measure a couple of feet which can make the actual difference felt between strong and nice or wimpy WiFi reception. There are mobile apps like the biggest Assia’s Cloudcheck or even Amped Wireless’s Wi-Fi Analytics Tool which could just let you walk through your given home and also tend to identify dead spots. It will help you to figure out the latest and best places where you could put your WiFi devices.
d) Upgrade your router:- Sometime this could be the safest or accessible option to choose. You must think of upgrading your router which will work in sync with the connection that exists. Your best bet thus could be ton go check with the ISP or even simply browse through a comparatively related support forum. Another helpful tip could be to check the available network at the place where you live.

WiFi router
e) Add a range extender:- This also is a possible option opted by the people. You can even tend to buy a simple WiFi booster or also a range extender. This is really a special kind of router that would receive the Wi-Fi signal and also then rebroadcasts it to areas of the house where simply your router can’t reach. A range extender will come up to around 2k depending on what kind of Wi-Fi you would want it to support.

Try it out, it could be the simple solution that will give you better throughput and could bring down the frustration.

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