6 Laptop Accessories That Make You Want to Break the Bank

Tempted to break the bank when it comes to securing the hottest laptop accessories? You’re not alone. Everyone wants the latest tech gadgets. Here are a few of the current trends in laptop gear you won’t want to miss.

Gadgets That Preserve the Lifespan of Your Laptop

Laptop Accessories
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How many times have you done the inevitable: Drenched your laptop keyboard with coffee, allowed it to be coated in dust or worse? Keyboards are highly susceptible to damage from both dust and liquids. A washable keyboard can protect against these adverse events, making it well worth your investment to preserve the integrity of your key functionality.

If you’re like most laptop users, you use it hard and heavy. All that use creates heat from the energy it uses, which can be damaging to both your power supply and your hard drive. To avoid irreparable damage to these essential parts, a cooling pad and/or fan can help maintain the right temperature.

Laptop Gadgets to Improve Productivity

A portable projector can drastically improve the impression factor of any laptop. If you’re traveling out of town on business and want to share important documents—or better yet, slideshows and presentations—to a group, you won’t fail to impress with a portable projector which integrates seamlessly with your laptop and projects your screen onto any appropriate surface. This nifty gadget is also useful for home-movie viewing for the whole family.

A wireless mouse can also drastically improve your productivity in the office or on the go. How many times have you struggled with your mouse cord? If you’re in business and have ever tried to deliver a presentation using a standard mouse, you can understand this struggle. A wireless mouse integrates easily with the best laptop 2012 and reduces the challenges of being tethered to your device via a cumbersome cord.

Increase Your Laptop’s Functionality


Laptop Accessories
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Everyone has run out of USB ports at one time or another. If you’ve fallen victim to this unfortunate mishap, fear not: An in-desk USB hub could solve all your problems. Not only can you plug in all your essential devices, but this nifty gadget secludes itself within that unsightly hole that’s built in to most modern desks. Why not kill two birds with a single stone?

So you’re not really into viewing movies, but you need a larger screen because you’re a designer or other professional who requires a close-up look at what you’re working on? You can opt for an external LCD monitor, which connects to your laptop as though it’s a hard drive and offers a larger, more defined viewing screen for high-tech work. Who says a laptop can’t outperform a desktop PC?

If you’re a laptop-lover, you want to reap all the benefits laptop computing can offer. Laptops offer functionality comparable to most standard desktops, but in a more portable format that’s far easier to pack up and go. Today’s laptops can be enhanced with a number of high-tech gadgets that improve usability and functionality for the best of both worlds.

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