Acer’s Liquid S2 – first phone with 4k camera

With Motorola and Samsung coming up with various attractive features and additions in the technology of smartphones, the giant technology expert Acer aims to come back with yet another smart product. This time, one of the world’s top laptop makers aspires to make a steady mark with their latest innovation in the world of smart phones-Liquid S2. What is Liquid S2? After a brief attempt to make it big in the market with Liquid S last year, Acer’s Liquid S2 smartphone tries to capture people’s attention. Provided with features like 6.00-inch and also a 1080×1920 display which is powered by 2.2GHz processor. The phone also has a 2GB RAM backed up with a 13-megapixel rear camera.

What is making news?

However, this time the Liquid S2 promises some features which are pioneers in world’s smart phone technology. Acer’s 6-inch Liquid S2 thus becomes the first smartphone which would be imbibed with the capability to record high quality 4K videos. Though it is considered a feature which the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone was rumored to have attained, Acer has managed to beat its Korean strong rival to the punch. Though people are aware of the 4K UHD TVs which are definitely still in their infancy, there are also many other tablets around, such as Apple’s iPad, which are able to play content at better resolutions in comparison to the other industry-standard 1080p.

What is a 4K feature?

Ultra HD (4K), or Ultra High Definition, is considered to be the next big step in the best sense of HDTV resolution. This is the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) which tends to define an Ultra HD television which is the one that displays at least some 8 million active pixels along with a lower resolution boundary of at least some of the around 3,840 by 2,160.

Attractive feature of 4K camera makes headlines
Attractive feature of 4K camera makes headlines

Other features

Acer’s Liquid S2 is promising a great deal in world of smartphones along with other noted features. Just like the 4K camera, this Android-powered Liquid S2 tends to have an enormous 6-inch with a good 1080p IPS display. It is also attributed with a nice Snapdragon 800 processor which is even paired with 2GB of RAM. It also contains of features like a LED ring flash that is fitted around the camera, which is good for some 13-megapixel still shots in addition to the 4K video. Despite having some very competitive specs, there is the attractive phone of Liquid S2, it isn’t likely to make a splash internationally.

Future plans

The maker of Acer hasn’t actually announced any plans for a good US release and it is also expected to sell the good handset in quite a good setting of Europe starting in the month of October. The company is about to be showing off some really good smartphones at this required week’s IFA conference in the much country of Berlin. One will even be able to take a closer look at its 4K video capabilities. Thus, people await now an Acer’s Liquid S2 and also explore its much awaited 4k camera.

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