Blender 2.64, ready for Hollywood: Perfect Video Editor

The developers of application design, 3D modeling and rendering have announced the availability of Blender 2.64, which is the main new improvement in two sections that have been proven in audiovisual production, made last Blender, Tears of Steel.

Blender 2.64

These sections are the composition and working with green screens or funds, which are used in film to place the actors or objects that are being recorded with a camera in front of a computer generated virtual background.

Furthermore, in Blender 2.64 we find a publisher in the interface masks and video images, masks can be defined manipulating curves and can activate and deactivate objects in the scene with ease.

You can get more information on the new features of Blender 2.64 in theĀ official announcement, and you can download this fantastic application from the download page, which presents editions of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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