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Apple app showing wifi waves around us

Review of iPad app: Reveals hidden waves of Wi-Fi and cell signals

Apple has always been a product which has made news for some of the craziest updates in technology. Thus, the product does rank better in making some good news. When there was a launch of iPad app no body knew it would create such headline but today it ranks to […]

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File Transfer between devices

File Sharing made easy : Read more

Now-a –days everyone has a mobile, a computer and a tablet. Working on each device at various timings and as per the need makes the digital data spread across these range of devices. You capture images and videos while on a tour using your mobile and tab, you create documents, […]

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How to print document and images from iPhone

How to print document and images from iPhone

In the digital world printing is almost getting obsolete, however there is always a requirement when you need a copy of the driving direction or would like to print some e-mails or family photos from your smartphone. Hooking up to a computer for your printing needs cannot be the only […]

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Instagram & Nike PHOTOiD: Design your own shoes (

Use Instagram & Nike PHOTOiD to Colour your Air Max sneakers

Its been years since we have been using images taken to print on memorabilia like Coffee mugs. When I first came across this story about Nike allowing you to design your own shows using images taken, I first thought its the same thing. However, its not exactly. This is how […]

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Netflix Windows Phone 8 App. (source:

Netflix Windows Phone 8 app now supports 720p displays

  For those who live on different planet, or to be fair, in countries where it is not supported, Netflix is a video streaming application that allows you access to the service’s huge library of movies and TV shows. While in some countries its easily available and popular, Netflix does […]

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Samsung Galaxy Camera: Complete review and specs

Samsung Galaxy Camera: Complete review and specs

The first impression with the new Samsung Galaxy Camera was that Samsung has tried to build DSLR camera and a smartphone into one device. Well, that is not true. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a high end camera, not exactly matching the performance of the DSLRs available in the market, […]

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Using Smartphone for Urine Medical Testing (

Using Smartphone for Urine Medical Testing: $20 iPhone app From

Have a medical problem that needs you to check your Glucose level regularly? What if your Smartphone (with couple of other things) can do it for you? A new $20 iphone app for urine testing will be launched shortly. This iphone app can be used to test urine for the […]

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iphone translate

iPhone: A universal translator

iPhone with text and speech translator Globalization has penetrated into each and every filed we work in. A large number of companies have their clients abroad, spread across the globe. Communicating with people in different countries and sometimes with those who can’t speak English is an arduous job. Now iPhone […]

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JVC projector remote control app

Free Remote Control iOS App for JVC Projectors

Remote control iOS app for JVC projector can be used for reference projector line. This new app from JVC shows how technology is making life even more easier. JVC’s D-ILA Remote app for iPhone, iPod and iPad will allow you to control several parameters of the projector with your iPhone […]

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Cisco Linksys EA3500

Cisco EA3500 : App enabled router with great throughput

Cisco is enhancing its router capabilities by incorporating the cloud based softwares and applications. The apps as well as Cisco Connect Cloud will help Cisco get one step ahead in the router market. The Cisco EA3500 N750 is one example of such router promoted as ‘Smart Wi-Fi’ router. Because of […]

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