D-Link DIR-506L Cloud Pocket Router: Review & Specs

The company D-Link has created a very interesting device, Mobile Companion D-Link DIR-506L Cloud Range Extender with multiple functionalities. However, many users have been impressed by the option to share content via Wi-Fi USB.

D-Link DIR-506L

The application SharePort Mobile is a big plus for this type of device. As D-Link knows that users tends increasingly toward portability wanted to launch a new device.

Thus comes Pocket Router D-Link DIR-506L Cloud arrives as a device that works like Wi-Fi Router N 150 mbps that creates its own wireless network can provide output when connected to the Internet via Ethernet or share the contents of a USB flash drive without need to connect it to a power source operated by an internal battery that promises four hours of battery life.
Moreover you can also repeat a wireless network expanding Wi-Fi coverage and even recharges the battery of mobile devices to upload via USB.

As advanced functionality is also possible to create a Wi-Fi for guests and can share your music with them and keeping your files safe. This was all regarding one of the portable solutions D-Link DIR-506L Cloud Pocket Router.

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