D-Link N600 Gigabit Cloud Router: Review & Specs

The new D-Link N600 Gigabit Cloud Router combines the latest technology with all the advantages of the mydlink platform, which controls all aspects of the network from an iPhone, iPad or Android devices. For the first time, any user profile can make the most of your home network without advanced knowledge.

D-Link N600 Gigabit Cloud Router

The D-Link N600 Gigabit Cloud Router presents a careful design and a curious aesthetic into a cylinder. Compatible with the latest WiFi standards, this router is capable of using two bands simultaneously (2.4 and 5 GHz), offering the best connectivity for a scenario where there are multiple devices connected and using applications that need a lot of bandwidth, as VoIP or streaming video in HD.

Install the new router from D-Link is as simple as connecting to an ADSL modem and follow the steps of a simple wizard, in less than five minutes, have your network configured as your needs. Moreover it provides Gigabit Ethernet connectivity (x4) and a handy USB 2.0 port, perfect for sharing a USB network or an external hard drive.

D-Link N600 Gigabit Cloud Router

Thanks to DLNA compatibility, it’s easier than ever to share multimedia files on network and application Share Port Mobile for iOS and Android can access files from a mobile device very easily. One of the highlights of the D-Link N600 Gigabit Cloud Router device is the ability to monitor all activity on your network easily. We can also check which devices are connected, applications used or what have visited sites, becoming a powerful tool for parental control.

The D-Link N600 Gigabit Cloud Router is now available at all authorized resellers at a price of about 99 Euros.

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