Develop iPhone application with Google App Inventor

It is easier and faster to develop any iPhone application and submitting it to Apple app Market when you are working with pre approved guidelines. Android or iPhone apps market has become biggest rated market in the modern world. Programmers are working really hard for developing unique apps that can be used with your smart phone. You can also use these apps for promoting your business and earning huge money. With the Apple app market, applications are easily accessible by smart phone users. If you are familiar with programming basics then you can save your tons of money and time. Here are quick guidelines to help you when developing iPhone apps with Google App Inventor.

iPhone App using Google App Inventor

• Start with fresh idea or customize the existing application according to customers’ feedback otherwise no one will be interested in your application.
• Suppose you are designing iPhone app then you have to use development tool kit for this purpose. But the sad thing is that tool kit is available for Mac users only. In this case, you have to switch to Mac, even if you are using other operating system.
• To become an apple application developer, you have to register yourself with Apple Company. It is easy to register for Apple with the help of few clicks. You have to register only once and later same username and password can be used to access your account.
• Once you have register yourself as a professional developer, now you have to download development tool kit from Apple. Keep one fact in our mind that downloaded version should be compatible with your current operating system. Keep patience because downloading may be time consuming that includes video tutorials, codes, and other documents.
• In this step, you have to deal with Xcode. The Xcode helps you in accessing application code quickly. You can also edit application code according to your requirement. In other words, you can enjoy graphical debugging experience with Xcode IDE.
• Once you are ready with everything, start customizing iPhone application according to outline you have prepared earlier. It would be great to use the template integrated with development tool kit.
• For developing iPhone app, you should know C programming basics in advance. If you are not familiar with programming, you can hire an expert.
• Now customize the application and test it on your iPhone. Once application is ready submit it to the iTunes for $99.

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