Digitimes Research: in 2013 tablet sales will exceed the sales of laptops

According to the forecast Digitimes Research, in 2013, tablets shipments in the global market at 210 million units, 38.3% more than in the current year. It is expected that in 2013 will be sold around 140 million laptops. Thus, the first tablet sales will exceed sales of notebook computers.


According to preliminary data, in 2013, Apple will retain leadership in the global tablet market with an exponent of about 37.4% market share. In the second place, Google has to raise to the series devices Nexus. It is expected that these models will be sold about 19 million (about 9% market shares). Most widespread mobile operating system in 2013 will be Android. Tablet running the OS will be sold about 121 million, 40.2% higher than in the current year.

Digitimes Research expects in 2015 the total number of tablet sold in the year of 320 million of which about 220 million units of the device will make the major brands, and the remaining 100 million – a model of small little-known manufacturers. This was all regarding theĀ forecast sales of tablets.

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