Features of Samsung Premium Suite for Galaxy S III

The release of the new firmware Android 4.1 OS-based for smartphone Galaxy S III brought users to not only the possibility of Jelly Bean, including increased fluidity of the interface and refined the notification area, but also a whole host of functions from a set of proprietary software Samsung Premium Suite, previously available only for the line of Galaxy Note. Also Korean company has released a video with a visual demonstration of the capabilities Samsung Premium Suite, you can easily found on YouTube.

Samsung Premium Suite

Most of the functionality of the new software Samsung Premium Suite is the same as that of the Galaxy Note II. This is the opportunity to work with two applications at the same time, located in a separate window divided into two screen and configuration options menu tray and the most frequently used applications, and many other functions. Among these select specialized desks, appearing in well-defined cases and contain the necessary tools at a time. For example, if the headphones are connected, it asks the player if the phone is switched into roaming mode, and screen is available world time widget and links to helpful in this case, applications, etc.
As an opportunity to exchange shots with NFC, just touch the phone to each other, there is a function on the output tape Facebook screen lock mode and Reader in the browser (page automatically typeset for easier reading). This is not all features of Samsung Premium Suite for Galaxy S III. In the future, Samsung will release a new video with a clear demonstration of the functions of its software.

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