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Now-a –days everyone has a mobile, a computer and a tablet. Working on each device at various timings and as per the need makes the digital data spread across these range of devices. You capture images and videos while on a tour using your mobile and tab, you create documents, ebooks on your computer.  How to transfer digital data from one device to another becomes a headache at times. How can I transfer my digital file from my iPhone to iPad? Or how can I transfer my ebook from my computer to iPhone? There are few simple ways which can be used to make life easy.

File Transfer between devices

Following are few basic file transfer mechanisms which will help you transfer the digital data easily and without much hassles.

  1. e-mails
  2. Online storage device
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Web-based applications


A popular and mostly used way of file/data transfer is using e-mails. Sending digital data as an attachment from one device to other using your personal e-mails can solve the problem.

Online Storage Devices:

Other alternative is to use online storage devices such as Google Drive or Sky Drive where you can store the data from one device and fetch the data on another device at any time. This uses cloud technology.


All the latest devices have Bluetooth technology in-built in it. This is very handy way of transferring the files/data from one device to another. You need to make sure that the Bluetooth is switched on and the device where you want to transfer the file is detected using the “Search device” option on your device.

Web-based applications:

The most favored option these days is the web based applications which helps you move files from computer to iphone and vise-a versa. is one such apps which lets you share images, documents, videos, and files with one click of a button. To get files real-time JustBeamIt is another apps which uses streaming to copy the contents between the devices. The good thing about JustBeamIt is that it is a direct copy from source device to destination device without the data being transferred on third party server.

AirDroid app is developed for Android users where you can transfer files from one Android phone to another. Using web browser you can download/upload files/data from your phone to computer wirelessly. You need to make sure that the phone and computer are on same Wi-Fi network. There is one more app for Andriod devices called SuperBeam. It generates QR codes which the device needs to scan to get the file transferred automatically.

File Transfer using apps

Other powerful mobile apps like Bump and Hoccer lets you transfer files between Android and iOS devices using gesture controls. Data can be exchanged between your computer and mobile device using gestures too.

One favorite service provided by Google is Google Keep for transferring text contents between devices. Once you write a text inside Keep, it becomes available on all the other devices. Google Keep can be used for transferring URLs from your computer to mobile browsers.

Try using these apps and services, if you have not used them and see how amazingly the technology helping us making the digital data transfer easy.

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