Firefox 18 will add support for the Retina Display screen

Apple has brought the Retina display to the world with its iPad 3 and MacBook Pro 2012, since then a revolution has come in the field of resolution and at present there exists a few apps which support Retina Display resolution. But now Firefox 18 has got this massive resolution. The support for Retina Display screen of the new Apple computers come with Firefox 18, which is expected for early 2013.

Firefox 18 with Retina Resolution Support

Excluding Safari, Firefox web browser will be the third largest in the fit to the high pixel density Retina Display screens, which will also include the next iMac and 13-inch MacBook Pro that Apple would launch the firm in October.

The first leap was, of course, Google Chrome 21, last August. Meanwhile, Opera 12.10, stable version of which should not take long to appear, also offer support Retina Display, among other innovations.

Now need to adapt to “Apple Retina” websites that populate the Internet and they are still not prepared, mostly. Well, it’s a good beginning by Firefox to come with Firefox 18 supporting Retina Display Resolution.

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