Flickr Android App is updated, got a new design: Features

Yes, Flickr has released a new version for its Flickr Android App with a complete redesign.

Flickr web site that allows us to store, sort, search, share and even sell photos and videos online, updated their official app for Android , completely redesigning the application. This version, named Flickr Android App 1.5 is the second version of the application is launched, since the first version was launched in September last year.

Flickr Android App

This new version includes several enhancements Flickr, including a new black button bar reminiscent of the typical bar at iOS in many applications. Thanks to that bar will get to some sections and they can be controlling them, such as notifications, profile, take a picture with another application we have in the phone for it, etc … Also new, and choose the style of iOS, is the famous “Scroll down to update”, very popular in applications such as Facebook. We will also have the possibility to edit photo data uploaded from the same application, which is useful. Another novelty is that you can view the HTML content, both in comments and in their own descriptions.

Flickr Android App

The Flickr Android app can be found in Google Play Store for free, but as with your web service and as mentioned above, there are pro service, and therefore be selected users who will benefit from the introduction of metadata. This way you can get rid of unnecessary information or corrections to the photos. We’ll see if this new updated Flickr is again leading service like photo hosting, seeing that Yahoo has hired a former employee of Google, in order to re-launch its products, where one of them is Flickr. Now it’s time to see the reaction of the users and see if eventually all the work they are doing serves to re-launch back all products from Yahoo. This was all regarding the updated new Flickr Android App.

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