Get the best games of Play by Google Applorer App: Review & Features

Shop Google Play Store offers endless applications where thousands of them are games. Now Google Applorer app offers the possibility of obtaining the best games of the Google Play Store in a single application.

Google Applorer

If we start to count the applications that are currently in the Google store, we will end up as ever and that is if it is said that there are over 600,000 apps in Google Play, this figure is increased as each day more and up many more. Many of these applications are games and sometimes it is not surprising that it is difficult to find the app you want, but this will now be solved thanks to Google Applorer.

Google Applorer developed by Strem Media Private Limited, provides an excellent application that solves the problem of not finding the application matched and therefore the search will be much easier, since Applorer uses a predictive system that uses our social activity or your games that you downloaded earlier to suggest new games similar to those already downloaded, a function very similar to Google Play with its famous: users or users were tested.
In Google Applorer we will have a very large database, divided into 20 categories based on the statistics, comments and ratings from Google Play. Thanks to this application we will have the opportunity to make a search much simpler than that offered by the store from Google, since according to an infographic, highlighting 2.5 times harder to find a new game on Google Play and this we has to spend three times as long to reach an application and thanks to this problem is solved Google Applorer also always get a list of recommended games depending on our tastes.

As we can see, Google Applorer is an essential tool for those that we go crazy with the thousands of applications available on Google Play and do not find the desired application, in this case game. Definitely an app to allow for this in our devices Android as it is completely free.

Company: Strem Media Private Limited
Application Type: Casual favor: Find the best Android games
Price: Free.
Download: Google Play

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