Google Apps services for companies and government agencies is paid

Among the many services of the company and Google offer to business customers – Google Apps. A set of solutions that allows companies to manage their own mail service to the company website, administer users, use the services Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Sites and other Google Apps service can also be used together with the company’s own domain.

Google Apps services
Previously, business users can work with either a base limited, but free, version of the service Google Apps, or else paid more functional version. Now Google has announced that new users will be available only to paid version of the service – Google Apps for Business. In this version, companies are encouraged constant technical support by phone 24/7, increased to 25 GB mailbox size, server uptime guarantee of 99.9% of time and lack of planned server downtime. For all these benefits, companies are encouraged to pay $ 50 per year per user. Note that these changes will apply only to new users of the services. Those companies that previously used Google Apps for free conditions retain the ability to continue to use the service for free. Version of Google Apps for Education will be free for schools and universities.


A version of Google Apps for Government for government agencies will be offered on a paid basis at a price of $ 50 per year per user.

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