Google introduced Chrome browser in a sandbox mode for Adobe Flash Player

For a long time in the browser Google Chrome sandbox mode is designed for safety. As the developers are running in a browser all web pages in an isolated environment. Thus, even if some of the views of the site contain malicious code or other security threats, and other browser components and the entire system will be protected from the possible adverse effects.

sandbox mode

However, some plug-ins for the browser can still be dangerous if they detect vulnerabilities. One of the most common and at the same time the most exposed to attacks by malicious users is to complement the Adobe Flash Player. According to the report, “Kaspersky Lab”, this addition takes the third place in the ranking of the most common vulnerabilities in the third quarter of 2012. To address the potential threat posed by Adobe Flash Player, Google has implemented in the browser Chrome sandbox mode for this supplement. It is noted that this option is already available in the current version of the browser.
The most pressing is the version of Chrome 23, released last week. It was fixed 14 security patches, as well as introduces a new version of Adobe Flash Player. Sandbox mode for this add-on is implemented in all the desktop versions of Chrome browser for different operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

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