High End DLP Projector SIM2 M Line: MICO 50 Specs, Price and Review

It was the SIM2 M Line MICO 50 high end DLP projector that I saw the movie 2012 on. It was in a private theater with rocking 4D experience chairs. While I did love the projector and its pure Holloywood standard picture quality, the 4D was a let down. Its ok to watch a 4-D film like Shrek in universal studio theater for 10 mintures but having the chair rocking all the time was not that enjoyable.

After the launch of SIM2’s new high end projector SIM2 Projector Fuoriserie Priced at $100,000, its also time to look at one of the earlier models.

SIM2 M Line MICO 50 Specs:

M Line Mico 50 uses SIM2’s PureLED Technology and has 1920 x 1080 pixel HDTV resolution. Its contrast ratio is up to 100.000:1 with Dynamic Black. Lighting system is Luminus Phlatlight PT120 R/G/B LEDs and the Lamp avg. time is about 30,000 hours. Picture size varies from 65-200 inches.

It has 2 x HDMI ports along with other connectivity options.

DLP Projector SIM2 M line Mico 50
DLP Projector SIM2 M line Mico 50 (source:SIM2 USA)

SIM2 projector M Line MICO 50 Final Words:

Priced at £15,995 ($21,995.00) it was launched in 2010 and is more affordable than SIM2 Projector Fuoriserie Priced at $100,000.  If you are in the UK, here is the SIM2 dealer’s address:

SIM2 UK Ltd.
Steinway House, Worth Farm, Little Horsted, Nr. Uckfield
East Sussex TN22 5TT
Tel: +44-1825-750850

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