How to claim a refund on Google Play after 15 minutes

Long ago, consumers in payment applications and games on the Android Market to get one hour to test their purchases and return, if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The money spent, of course, be reimbursed. But everything changed, and the time to return was reduced to 15 minutes.

Google Play

While there are many examples of payment at Google Play may be sentenced by the user in good time with others is not the case, and some of the more expensive applications, such as GPS, have not even finished downloading the extras they need to be fully functional in those 15 minutes.

Beyond the fifteen minutes of time yore, in which the money back is automatic, there is a way to claim a refund within 48 hours, providing you follow a few steps:

• Log in to Google and enter Play My orders.
• In the application you want to return, select ‘ Report error ‘ and ‘ I want a refund ‘.
• Now you just have to expose your motives and wait for Google to contact you to inform you a decision.

As indicated by Google, “if more than 15 minutes, we can only make exceptions to our refund policy in the case of special circumstances.” So we recommend caution before starting, if you’re not convinced. Remember that many games and applications have free versions to try before you pay.

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