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Most Interesting Apps for Nokia Lumia 822

Nokia Lumia 822

Nokia Lumia 822 offers a large range of Nokia-based apps, along with Windows Phone 8 applications like Internet Explorer and Calendar and many more. City Lens allows you to discover your present region, along with an eye on food items, resorts, shopping, transportation and sightseeing....

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Choosing The Best Chat Apps For Android Smartphones

best chat apps for Android

The existence of smartphones provides new way of accessing communication. It is because these innovative gadgets have built in applications that make chatting a lot easier. Nowadays, there are many social networking sites and instant messengers available for Smartphones. Instant messaging is becoming more popular...

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10 Best iPhone Apps for Every iPhone User

10 best iPhone apps

There are literally hundreds of thousands of applications made available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, and the best part is that most of them are available for free. Following are some of the 10 best iPhone apps an iPhone user must have for productivity, photography,...

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WhatsApp: 10,000 million messages per day


The popular mobile messaging application WhatsApp, it is becoming more and their creators just made public a figure in case anyone had doubts: 10,000 million messages are managed by the service each day. The figure includes 4,000 million received and 6,000 million sent messages. Why...

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