How to extend android battery life

“How to extend android battery life” –¬†We are in a world where we are increasingly connected to the Internet, is a fact. Before you had to get to work to catch up on what’s new in your project or get to work, today we’re on our way and we have a mailbox full of emails ready to be read.

How to extend android battery life

The smartphones have become a very useful tool, not only for work but for leisure and personal enjoyment closer to the palm of your hand games, apps and social networks of all kinds. Something that manufacturers still remain confused, is how to bet on a mobile design that includes a valid range.


What do we mean by valid battery life for a smartphone? Well clearly a smartphone that can survive at least 24 hours of use, you do not have to get home, connect it to the charger and unplug the morning for daytime use, and sometimes reconnect with use we give. Seriously, we want to launch a call to manufacturers as it would be very difficult sacrifice 1.5mm thick for a manufacturer to take leave of your pigeon chest “is the thinner terminal” to go to say, is “the terminal with more autonomy in this range.” It is a mobile device, prepared for mobility does not have to look for an outlet every few minutes. Manufacturers are trying to reduce the thickness of the device but still people expecting more battery life, which is really a scenario of manufacturer.


But after all this is not our battle and therefore we show three methods that significantly save battery on your Android smartphone, so if you have question how to extend android battery life, these ways will help you.


Turn off your smartphone when not in use, We are tired of hearing that appliances consume power in standby if the little red light that consumption of all appliances in this way is outrageous.


Put your Android smartphone on overnight when you do not want to receive any email / social networking update / WhatsApp / SMS / call is wasting much energy again in the morning and magically you will see the emails that you would come to morning.


Want to know more about how to extend android battery life, read more. The highest energy consumption of a smartphone is when in “sleep”-off-screen is the radio, i.e. the connection and mobile data. The default applications are configured in push mode, so they are consuming resources when the server says “Psss .. you have a Message, Download it “.
What this first method is obvious? Yes, of course. But tell us how many people you know who complain about the battery life and does this simple point.


There exists few Apps in Android market which promise to save battery life, many of you must think that it is just wait but hold on, few apps may be the solution for you how to extend android battery life. One of them is 2x Battery; it is an application that exists in free version as well as payment. The concept is simple, because if you are consuming more data connections, 2x Battery the default disconnects and connects automatically from time to time (15 minutes in the free version), to receive emails / Whatsapp / etc when the smartphone is at rest. When the screen is on, the data remains active. With this app we have managed to extend the battery of numerous smartphones until nearly three days, a good number compared to the previous 24 hours. The paid version allows you to customize the frequency of screening, and even night delimit an area in which the data do not light. In our experience it is a purchase that will draw as much game and try it is free, you can see how the battery of your smartphone gives you much more battery life, application only turn off the data.

How to extend android battery life

If you do not want to walk and paying for 2x Battery you are someone who does not like having to walk turning the terminal, through laziness or because I will show you one app that lets you turn off the wireless connections (Wi-Fi, BT, data , etc.) automatically at night, so there will also save energy and it will be another answer for your question how to extend android battery life. We are talking about application Good Night! Android: The use is very simple and allows defining the time zone that you define as night and what you want to off.

How to extend android battery life


Do you know any other application which can be the solution for how to extend android battery life? Or any other solution then share with us it will help others to save the battery life of their android phone. Comment and leave your ideas and methods, it will help others.


This was all regarding the solutions of how to extend android battery life, so stay tuned for more updates.

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