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For some reason, there are devices running Android with more or less occasional problems with WiFi connectivity : sometimes it connects, sometimes seems connected but is not reset the connection and touch … Why is that in some models or other, in some versions or other, it is difficult to say, but the truth is that happens. The proof is the existence of applications such as Wifi Fixer. If you are looking for that How to fix Android Wifi problems then you are at right place, most probably your problem will be solved.

Wifi Fixer - How to fix Android Wifi problems

According to its description in GooglePlay, “Wifi Fixer is a low-power service that solves several problems with the WiFi on Android. It is aimed at users who are listed as the WiFi connected but cannot use Internet applications. When these problems are detected Wifi Fixer attempt to recover the signal. You can adjust the settings for your WiFi access point to minimize disconnections”.

Once installed, Wifi Fixer will appear as a new icon in the system tray indicating the signal quality. You can also disable the service whenever you want. You can also set a usage profile, so that the application does not spend much battery (as we knowthe WiFi is the biggest spender).

Besides the above, Wifi Fixer reminds known networks and has a widget to quickly reset the connection, if necessary.

Wifi Fixer - How to fix Android Wifi problems

Moreover, We cannot speak for the vast number of smartphones and tablets Android governed by, but Wifi Fixer was tested on two phones and a tablet with the above problem, and outstanding works. You can also check the comments of people in the Google Play for more reviews regarding this Android App.

Wifi Fixer is an Open Source application, available for free without advertising for Android 1.6 or higher.

Downloading Link: Click Here

This was all about one of the solution that How to fix Android Wifi problems, just go to Google Play and download Wifi Fixer Android App, you are done, I think there would not be a solution as easier than it.

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