iOS7 : Apple’s new platform to bring new perspective in the mobile OS

By launching iPhone back in 2007 Apple has started a whole new era in the smartphone arena. The mobile giant is going to bring next version on iOS for the first time after 2007. At the Worldwide Developer conference in the USA Apple has launched the next version of iOS that will be used for its most popular devices; the iPads and iPhones. The current version of iOS7 will be a Beta version and we will have to wait till Apple makes it available to everyone. The new operating system will be used in Apple’s smartphones from iPhone 4 and beyond.  As per Apple it will be simpler, more useful and more enjoyable operating system.

iOS7 Front

What’s new in iOS7?

Apple has created a very simple interface for the new operating system and removed the unwanted bar and buttons used in the earlier operating system. A new look has been given to the application icon. The Weather App is animated and gives an imaginary view of how a stormy and rainy weather looks like. The demo is fantastic and gives a stunning look. The MessageApp and the earlier version have been discontinued. Apple has changed the on screen colors and made it look totally different than the earlier version. The notification center is still at the top and you will be able to get notification for mails and missed call right there. You will be able to check the notifications even if the screen is locked.

Features that fascinate

A feature called ‘Today’ has been introduced and you will be able to set complete day’s calendar using this feature. A new control panel is added, you can slide downwards to access the control panel. Multiple things that you can access on the control panel includes switching on & off the airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, Do Not Disturb, Volume Control etc. Also you will be able to control screen brightness using the control panel. You can access Camera, Calculator, Flash Light and the timer Clock too. Multitasking is just another feature in iOS 7.

iOS7 multi screen

The fundamental difference and important feature of iOS7 is that Apple has included the iTunes Radio as a part of the operating system. The songs that you listened on iTunes and by purchasing new songs this will give you a personalized experience. This service is going to start in the USA very soon. It is going to be a paid service with users will have to pay approx $25 per year. Users will be able to create various stations by their favorite songs, actors on the iTunes radio. They will be able to add new songs to these stations and can listen any time they want. Apple has not revealed though how to add the new songs to these stations. One thing is clear that you will not be able to search and listen to the song that you are looking for. Google has already launched similar service called Axes. Additionally there are similar services available in the market like Pandora and Rapsody  

The release of iOS7

The Apple OS is expected to be launched in the fall season of this year. With an all-new design and all-new features, iOS7 will be the world’s most advanced mobile OS.

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