iPhone: A universal translator

iPhone with text and speech translator

Globalization has penetrated into each and every filed we work in. A large number of companies have their clients abroad, spread across the globe. Communicating with people in different countries and sometimes with those who can’t speak English is an arduous job. Now iPhone is emerging as your all time translator. Imagine an application that automatically translates as and how you type in the text in to it! Apple has come up with an instant messaging application that translates the text messages in the desired language.


This application is being designed only for iPhone as of now and it is named as Sendboo. The application supports almost 25 to 30 languages which include Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Arabic, Czech, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian and Polish.

Sendboo provides real-time translation which helps eliminate lags. Sendboo is available in two versions; one that is free for use but includes advertisements and the other which is a full version and costs around $4. Sendboo is not yet available for Android .Only iPhone users can avail this translator. It supports both single contact conversation as well as group conversation.

Word Lens

Word Lens was another application from Apple which translated anything you pointed your iPhone at! All you needed to do was just point your iPhone to any foreign language text, and the application would scan it and translate it for you. Initially it translated only English into Spanish and vice versa. But now it supports various other languages like French, Italian, and German.



The quality of translation is not to the mark. But the Word Lens is best for single word translations like sign boards, restaurant menus, etc. What it needs is a clearly printed text which does not include any fancy fonts or hand written words. At least you would not end up ordering a rare fish preparation while expecting something sober and tasty, thanks to Word Lens!


iPhone now translates not only text messages but also the spoken words. Vocre is an application that Apple has designed for translating the spoken words.


The user opens the application, selects the language for translation and speaks out a sentence. Vocre then translates the sentence into the desired language and your iPhone speaks out the translated text in a human-like voice.

Apple iPhone is a universal translator on the go. You can not only communicate in foreign languages but you can also travel the world without any fear of the language barrier.

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