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Lapse It Android App Time Lapse Pro – Create your own Time Lapse

Today we bring Lapse It – Time Lapse Pro, an impressive photo application that recently has achieved over half a million downloads in the Google Play store. Essentially, the application allows you to create time-lapse of professional look to your Android device. The application has a very attractive interface and easy to use and a lot of customization features that make it a great choice to get started with this exciting world that is the time-lapse.

Lapse It
You may not know what is a time-lapse, it is a series of photographs taken at time intervals of 2 seconds, 5, 10, 20 … for minutes, hours or days and then put them together to create a video that to play.
In your main screen of Lapse It Android app you can start a new project, check out the gallery of time-lapse created or view created by any user of Lapse It – Time Lapse Pro that have wanted to share with other users, set the configuration settings for application.
The section on the configuration is the most important because there you can set the interval and the time scale you want for taking photos. You can also adjust the resolution, up to 1080p in the Pro version, the brightness, shutter sound, timer, output folder and render settings (frame rate and video quality). Once you have the video you can edit, add filters and effects, crop the video, change the render and add music …. and although some of these features sound like Chinese but the application is very, very easy to use.
The Lapse It Pro App is really pretty good and it can make you happy, so you just go in the app and you can even change parameters to achieve the desired effect, but more important is that the smartphone or tablet from which the application is using as stable as possible if you want good results.
Now it’s your turn, download Lapse It – Time Lapse Pro and enjoy.