Lenovo: Windows RT Tablet will cost from $ 300

Announcing its first multimedia tablet Surface, Microsoft silence about their value, and continues to do so to this day. Although rumors are completely different from the price at $ 199 and ending with fabulous price tag of more than $ 1,000. Few specifics made the company Lenovo, or rather, the senior vice president of North American Branch of the Chinese company, David Shmuk, reports Bloomberg .

Lenovo Windows RT tablet

Thus, according to him, tablets based on Windows RT, i.e., ARM-adapted version of the operating system, will cost $ 200-300 cheaper than solutions based on Windows 8. However, he also mentioned the value of the latter:
Price policy RT in the consumer market and in retail should be very aggressive. In this case, this category of products will be all right, but we must start with a competitive consumer prices. In turn Windows 8 due to its compatibility with the traditional Windows-software more attractive to corporations. Windows 8 tablets will cost from $ 600 to $ 700.

That is worth waiting for the price of products with the Windows RT on board at around $ 300-500. The lower price level in more than attractive especially if it would be relevant to the Microsoft Surface.

It is also remembered for Shmuk ultrabook, noting that Intel makes too bold predictions and 40% of notebook market these devices do not capture this year. However, this is a very promising category of laptops, which allows consumers to “exactly what they want.” But for its success to reduce the price ultrabooks, I’m sure the vice-president of Lenovo. Although, Windows 8 is also able to gives a nice boost in sales of this product category.

Recall that Lenovo is preparing its own tablet based on Windows 8 – ThinkPad Tablet 2.

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