Logitech TV Cam HD the solution for Skype on your TV: Review & Specs

Logitech offers a webcam for Skype video conferencing easy to implement and delivers good image quality, in this case we are talking about Logitech TV Cam HD. The price is high, but the result was very convincing.

Logitech TV Cam HD

This Logitech TV Cam HD webcam is designed for video conferencing is easy to implement and delivers good image quality.

The promise

Logitech thought to those who do not have a TV of latest generation, and want to integrate online services and a webcam. Introduced Logitech TV Cam HD is more than to integrates everything needed for video conferencing: Skype preinstalled (in the device memory), network connections (Ethernet and 802.11n Wi-Fi) and a HDMI port for connect to any TV.


The installation is a breeze. Well designed, the bottom of the Logitech TV Cam HD can be installed either flat (front or below the TV) or, in the leaflet as a webcam for PC, over the TV. Logitech has even incorporated a screw, like cameras and cameras, to put it on a tripod.

Let us guide you

Logitech provides the AC charger and HDMI cable to connect to the TV. Depending on the mode selected connection, wired or wireless, it only remains to connect the network cable or to follow the instructions to configure the Wi-Fi device. Again, the operation is easy, thanks to menu that guides you through the steps. Those who do not have a Skype account can create directly from the interface of the Logitech TV Cam HD.

Talk on Skype “HD”

Like the webcams on PCs, Logitech TV Cam HD offers a beautiful image 1280 by 720 pixels. This device offers the best naturally with a good internet connection. On a high-speed line, the image suffers no saccade. It is certainly far enough from the DVD quality, but it is quite satisfactory. The target, a wide-angle Carl Zeiss offers the opportunity to talk to several before. Zoom x2 can tighten up on a person (or an area of the image) in particular. It is then possible to move the image to fit well the plan. The manufacturer has incorporated four audio microphones for reducing noise. Placed on top of the housing, they are able to cover a very large room. However, in tests, we noticed that the sound picked up quite often suffered from an echo effect, however bearable for the listener. More surprisingly, Logitech integrates technologies cancellation of ambient noise, including the sound from the TV. An important feature, which eliminates the effect of feedback or the other person, does not hear about.
Practical functions

Logitech TV Cam HD remains in standby mode until the charger is plugged in, so your loved ones can contact you at any time. Appropriate, if the TV is not set to the correct HDMI input or if it is off, a tone sounds, and a small LED flashes on the case. From there, you can accept the call directly by pressing the OK button on the remote control. Logitech TV Cam HD does turn on the TV and switch to the correct HDMI input. If you want to see your caller before answering, it will make these settings before accepting the call. Finally, if you’re not there, your contact is switched on Skype voicemail.
The verdict

Simple and very effective way to keep in touch with family and friends, the Logitech TV Cam HD provides good video and audio quality. If the concept is not new, it has the merit of introducing a new function to the TV. Only real snag its high price of € 199. This was all regarding Logitech TV Cam HD for turning your TV into Skype TV.

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