Mi Wi-Fi Nano – Another Gem from the Xiaomi family

Xiaomi has created a niche for itself in the Smartphone world, with so many classy and affordable phones on their plate. With its striking features, Xiaomi rules hearts of consumers worldwide and stands 2nd on the world’s top affordable smartphones list.

Xiaomi’s new venture, a palm sized Mi Wi-Fi Nano router, is the new big thing the company has blessed the technology world with. Being the third addition to the Xiaomi’s router family, Mi Wi-Fi Nano it is the successor of Mi Wi-Fi Mini and Mi Wi-Fi. Below is a short walkthrough to the striking features this mini router has to offer.
1. PCB Antenna:

The router comprises of an external PCB antenna, protecting upwards from both the ends. It offers a 300M 802.11 Network. Further, the antenna can be folded, when not in use.

2. Wireless router:
Another feature that makes this device standout, amidst the various routers, is that it is not needed to connect the device to a switch board for power supply. But, the router is designed such that it can be used with power banks, wherein the device can draw power with the help of an USB cable. Thus, this feature is a blessing in disguise for the working professionals who require internet connectivity, as and when required to complete their work. Thus, carry it in your bag or pocket and enjoy connectivity 24 x 7.

3. Longevity of connection:
The router can offer an internet connectivity for about 30 hours, with the help of a 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank, thus granting hassle free connection.

4. Portability and signal strength:
The Mi Wi-Fi Nano router is compact and small in size. Further you do not need the traditional switch boards to use the router, but you can connect them to a power bank Thus it is portable to carry and use at your convenience.
Further, the Xiaomi Company has assured that the signals will be much more stable and stronger than that of other mainstream routers. Also the signals will have a 100 percent strength and will guarantee a coverage of 100 square metres.
5. Price:
This is a very important feature which adds to the calibre of Mi Wi-Fi Nano. Being offered at a consumer friendly price of Rs.800 (12.3 US dollars), this mini router is a must have.

6. Colour:
Now for those colour lover, this router comes in various attractive colours like black, pink, white, mint, yellow etc. and many more. So you can choose one that you love.

7. Other highlights:
Smart Mi smartphone app – for router settings status.
MediaTek MT7628N chip.
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz.
Micro-USB port.
LED indicator – preferably Red, yellow or blue.
2*10/100 M LAN and 1*10/100 M Wan port.

From the day of its launch, this unique router from the Xiaomi family, has grabbed a good limelight and has managed to conquer hearts of many consumers. People are loving the design, features and ease of use, coming at a pocket friendly price.
So, rush and bring home this awesome innovation by Xiaomi and enjoy superfast internet connection at you ease. Happy Connectivity !

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