Microsoft confirms new Xbox 720

These are just a few words turn of a phrase, but it would seem that, despite himself, Brian Hall has said too much. Asked during a recent podcast from The Verge, the General Manager of Windows Live simply stated: “We decided it was time to take the best of our email software and launch just in time for the new wave of products that will arrive with Windows 8, as the version of Office, the Xbox 720and Windows Phone.”

Xbox 720

Recall that the existence of a new gaming platform on the side of Redmond was an open secret: the persistent rumors in turn call Xbox 720 or Durango. We even thought at one time it would be presented at the last E3. Images of a development kit and documents are deemed to be confidential, also leaked on the web. In the end of 2012, Microsoft has a lot of surprises for its fans including Xbox 720 gaming console, stay tuned for more updates regarding this console.

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