Microsoft has reduced its orders for Surface RT tablet components

Tablet Microsoft Surface RT has received mixed market till now. At first it was reported that Microsoft has sold to pre-order all of the tablets Surface RT in the launch configuration, which has the most affordable price. But then, in one of the interviews Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, said that the initial sales of Surface tablet show modest results. However, the head of Microsoft in general satisfied with the tablet Surface and assures that it is quite an innovative product.

Surface RT

However, his opinions do not seem to share the end-users, and the situation with a lack of sales remains. According to sources among the suppliers of components, Microsoft has reduced to half the volume of orders Surface. Obviously, Microsoft overestimated the potential demand for tablet based on ARM chip running Windows RT. Recall Surface RT tablets available on the market for more than a month. Microsoft has managed to report that this month has sold 40 million copies of Windows 8, but still do not disclose information about sales Tablet Surface RT.

It should be noted that some of the other players in the market have taken a wait with the release of its own tablet running Windows RT. For example, the company delayed the release of their Acer tablet-based ARM processors. Its leadership has decided to wait for some time and evaluate the perception Windows RT consumers.

This was all regarding the Windows RT running Microsoft Surface RT tablets are struggling in the market, stay tuned for more updates.

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