Microsoft should lower the price of Surface RT to 399 euros

Microsoft should significantly reduce the price of its tablet Surface RT if it wants to have any chance in the market, estimated in a report indicates research firm Detwiler Fenton Group (DFG), although opinion is extensible to other consultants and general public.

Surface RT

Early data from the electronic tablet marketed under its own brand for Microsoft Surface RT, with ARM RISC architecture, indicate that “sales are disappointing” because of the two million units expected in the fourth quarter will be sold half a million according to the signature.

“This, combined with the inability of Microsoft to launch the Surface Pro in volume this quarter suggests disorder in the strategy of the company “, said DFG.

The firm suggests a lower price of Surface RT up to $ 399 including the keyboard and also a change in strategy with the delivery of the tablet to the distribution channel and sales in large retail chains.

Well, the reviews of this tab Microsoft Surface RT are not good, no doubt flexibility and limitations are the issue, according to our view you should wait for Microsoft Surface Pro, which will of course cost more but it will be the right decision.

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