Might & Magic Heroes Online: Trailer

Gamescom 2012, Ubisoft has released teaser trailer for the game Might & Magic Heroes Online that aims to bring together the best concepts of a legendary fantasy saga with two decades behind.

Might & Magic Heroes Online

Long time has passed since the time of the Heroes of Might and Magic II study created by New World Computing and considered by the Sid Meiers Civilization of the best turn-based strategy game in history.

After several titles (up to the sixth edition of 2011) of these “heroes” dedicated to the strategy and its variant Might and Magic role-playing and action, Ubisoft’s next step is to bring this universe to a degree of strategy and role playing online developed by Blue Byte.

A game that has the component of exploration and turn-based combat while maintaining the essence of the series but with other human players fighting or cooperating with them exchanging resources or military forces.

All indications are that Might & Magic Heroes Online will be a game free-to-play that will run directly in browsers without the need for local installation. There is no known release date for the must for fans of the series and tested by other users.

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