MixBooth Android App, your face will not be the same: Review & Features

Today we present an application that you could look a little jam but both will bring good times with friends, with MixBooth your face will not be the same. This MixBooth Android App is pretty cool and it is one of the best Android fun application which has achieved a lot downloads in no time.


Applications of photo retouching is not new, just have to shop around in Google Play to find many applications, including the famous Photoshop. But an application is simple, where we just have to make a face photo in a few seconds and that face has become another surprise in the face of those present at the event, and that this application will give us some laughter among those present there are very few good, one is MixBooth.

MixBooth begins with a simple interface, which only need to press the button “+” to take a photo or select a photo you have saved, once made the photo will give us the option to tighten down the faces of the face and the eyes, mouth and chin. This is done to ensure that the effect is much better. Once done you can select two faces between photos or photos made by us that are already within the application. Chosen the two photos, so we’ll just wait a couple of seconds to see the effect achieved that simple. Then we can upload that photo to our social networks and share via e-mail or other similar applications.


The application is as simple as its interface which is clear and no fuss. To take one but this application is that it would be nice if they had more expensive predefined, because once you have chosen all possible that the application can make you bored and end up erasing the device. MixBooth provides simple and effective effects will surely give us a few laughs among our friends, no doubt you have to try and the good thing is that it is totally free.

You can download MixBooth Android App here.

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