Mozilla has launched the beta version of the universal service authorization Mozilla Persona

The company announced the launch of Mozilla authentication service sites – Mozilla Persona. The development of this service began in the last year. Then it appeared as BrowserID.

Mozilla Persona
Mozilla Persona service idea is to use a single universal name to authenticate to various sites. Thus eliminating the need to remember different combinations of logins and passwords for each site. As a single universal user name for logging in to websites using their email address. Currently the service Mozilla Persona is already functioning in beta status. As the developers, service can be used on most browsers for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. This ensures its versatility.

It also reported that in addition to changing the name of the service have been significant improvements. Among them are the introduction of a new improved version of API, improved user interaction with the system, adding support for the demonstration site name and logo in the authorization dialog, adding the login screen links to the Terms of Service and security policy. In addition, claims to implement a number of other improvements, invisible to the user, but the impact on improving the stability and reliability of the service.

You can use the service Mozilla Persona at the following address.

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