Mozilla stops development of Firefox for Windows 64-bit

If you are a loyal user of the Firefox web browser and hoped that someday finally arrived the Firefox 64bit version for Windows 64bit so stable that point is further away than ever as announced by one of the engineers at Mozilla this week.

Firefox 64bit

In a couple of messages posted in Google Groups (now in the hundreds), the developer Benjamin Smedberg gave the reasons for that decision and shelved at the insistence of users flocked to protest. In words, the reasons for abandoning Firefox 64bit on Windows are:

• Many supplements are not available for 64-bit and those that do are given problems.
• Developers tend to forget the bug reports on the 64-bit because they are working on other things.
• It is a frustrating situation for users of Firefox 64bit because it makes them feel second class citizens (said Smedberg).
• It is also frustrating for the Firefox development team that bug reports do not specify either of which version it is, so basically ignore those related to the 64-bit version.
In short, it seems that Mozilla does not compensate you develop a Firefox 64bit of your browser, as it does on Mac OS X and Linux. So, stop compiling and publishing development versions of the same, even though 50% of users who tested these versions opt for the 64-bit.

What choice is left to the Windows user to enjoy a web browser according to your system? From large can only have Internet Explorer and Opera. Although, if a big fan of Firefox, you may try Palemoon.

This was all regarding the Firefox 64bit, which will not come anymore.

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