Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS

Today we have brought you the review of most awaiting Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS game, this review will guide you through the latest arrival for iOS as well as for Android.

Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android - iOS

The main thing that unites Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS is Real Racing control. It is very accurate, very responsive, perfect. Traditionally for Firemonkeys – taxiing to rotate the tablet / smartphone, and the accuracy of mining slopes really is amazing. Acceleration is automatic, nitro – swap forward, drift – swap aside and brake are amazing too. It’s simple, but from driving at breakneck speed to get real pleasure. The more so as no stuttering during the game (iPad 3) is noted.

But graphics of Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS has clearly inherited from the future Real Racing 3, which should appear in just a month. This is simply gorgeous model cars, almost like a big NFSMW. Too bad they just barely beat. Settings are simpler, but also on the overall level. At high speeds, weather effects, lighting, and so on Retina-display image is mesmerizing – today Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS is the most beautiful race for mobile devices.


In the version for iOS and Android are no free trips around the city, only the traditional races – on time, on distillation with opponents, to maintain the maximum average speed, plus a duel with racers. Due to the limited mobile version of all the tracks have a fairly simple geometry, circular races are here, the narrow streets of the city, too – only viaducts, highways, etc. Rare is cutting really rare and particularly not on impact. Monotonous highway – definite minus game.

Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android - iOS
If in the console and PC version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted police appear during the race with a probability of 60-70%, while in mobile cops are guaranteed to stop you in each race. They are just cheaters, teleporting behind you, being dispersed as fighters and only pay attention to your car, but here it is less irritating. First, the police cars can and should beat, and it’s not that difficult, and secondly, your car is not glass, but has a strip of survivability, which is more than enough to the end of race.

Car in Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS can be purchased, as opposed to the console version, it is the traditional way – with money in the garage. As in many mobile games, enough money to work, and you will immediately offer to buy the domestic currency for real money. Refuse – races can take place several times, save money on one of the limited available machines NFS, which you will have enough time.


But the improvement is, alas, not always – is disposable bonuses purchased before each race. Experience shows that the most useful of them – more power and enhanced nitro. Same visual limited to repainting cars.
Both versions of Need for Speed Most Wanted for iOS / Android are related to each other. Speed Point – a measure of your level, given out for victories and achievements in both games – added. So that access to emergency vehicles and the ability to fight the rider Most Wanted open in two games a lot easier.
The only thing to be severely lacking in Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS – is the network mode. It’s a shame, because in the same Real Racing 2, and it is very good.
But in any case – Need for Speed Most Wanted – the most beautiful and interesting race today for iOS and Android. And it’s the heiress to a large extent of this Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005, much to the controversial “big” game in 2012 with the same title.
This was all regarding the Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android / iOS game.

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