Netflix Windows Phone 8 app now supports 720p displays


For those who live on different planet, or to be fair, in countries where it is not supported, Netflix is a video streaming application that allows you access to the service’s huge library of movies and TV shows.

While in some countries its easily available and popular, Netflix does not have a presence yet in some countries like India and others.

Countries where its not supported will see a message like below:


Netflix not available message
Netflix not available message

There is a good news for Windows Phone fans. Netflix has updated its Windows Phone 8 app with fullscreen support for devices having native 720p displays. Although you would expect why it does not support HD playback, its still a significant step in that direction.

It will show some decent picture quality for high resolution displays. So instead of seeing the annoying black-bar across the top of the screen on some phones, you can see the fuller picture.

Netflix Windows Phone 8 App
Netflix Windows Phone 8 App. (source:

I believe some Windows Phone 8 devices like Nokia Lumia 920 already have full-screen Netflix support, but that is because they match the aspect ratios of Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Now, some other devices like HTC 8 X will also go full-screen.

Netflix launched its Windows Phone app in the UK and other international markets in last AprilĀ  (November 2010 in North America).

The updated Windows Phone app is available to download without any geographical restrictions. Which means globally people can download it.

With Netflix adding full support for 720p displays, on the 16:9 screen of the HTC 8X there are no black bars when watching a widescreen video.

Unfortunately there is no news yet on when HD streaming will be supported. Should be a matter of time we would think (hope) and trust the developer community is burning midnight oil to get the app launched.

You can download Netflix for free on Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 from this link:


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