Rovio will teach children, physics with Angry Birds

Rovio has released not only Angry Birds, and a few other games, including Bad Piggies. However, the brand “Angry Birds” is at the peak of glory and the company continues to actively promote and rather in unconventional ways. For example, a sauce of teaching children the basics of physics as an example of said game.

Angry Birds will teach physics

This is not a joke, more than a serious initiative and supported by the Organization for Nuclear Research CERN and the Government of Finland as part of the standard for early childhood education (Finnish National Curriculum). As planned, the project will be able to Rovio playful form to tell the children about modern physics. At the heart of education is the game mechanics Angry Birds.

Although, as the project is implemented and Rovio, is not clear, said TNW. “We look for ways to develop the amazing educational resources, and one of these will be an interactive demonstration,” – said CEO Rovio Vesterbaka Peter at the last Frankfurt Book Fair. The date of launch of the first playgrounds of Rovio is not yet revealed, but this is really creative and a good initiative that how Angry Birds will be teaching physics to children, well this all will be interactive for children so that they can enjoy your studies.


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