Samsung Galaxy S5 Review, Price & Release Date – Setting New Trends!!

There is no doubt that the competition in the smartphone world has reached an unprecedented level and smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5 & Apple iPhone 6 are only going to boost it. Today we discuss the probable release date, price & specifications of Galaxy SV, the smartphone with a difference.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review, Price & Release Date – Setting New Trends!!

Well we all know what goosebumps Galaxy S4 gave to its rivals with millions of smartphone units selling in the very first month. With that in mind, the Korean firm will have to use some really advanced tactics for the new Samsung S5 to win the “industry leader” title for it once again in the world of top-notch devices. Let us have a look at top three expected features that users are demanding here. Then we will have a look at the release date and probable price of the flagship.

1.       Metal or Plastic – It’s all about looks

Some say that plastic bodies allow the batteries to be replaced easily, especially for the users who travel a lot. Well according to us, it’s no big deal. What matters is the fact that metal bodies provide a completely new feel to the smartphone, and Samsung would look forward to use the same in Samsung Galaxy S5

2.       Display Specs – Flexible technology finally in?

Well, if YOUM displays come into action, it would be worth witnessing how the other companies like Apple cope up with such a competitive feature in Galaxy S5 aka Samsung Galaxy SV. The Korean giant is the biggest producer of organic displays, and we won’t mind if it uses its own technology to win over the hearts of tech fans and enthusiasts

3.       Stereo Sound or just better Headphones?

HTC offered front stereo speakers in HTC One and it turned out to be quiet a success. Would Samsung follow the same footsteps? Some analysts say that it might well provide a better set of headphones to users to fulfill the space of stereo speakers.

Finally, the release date of Samsung Galaxy S5 will be somewhere around April, 2014. We can guess the same, thanks to the regular trends of one-year gap in past Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Furthermore, the price of the commodity can be anywhere between $700 and $750, depending upon the class of features we are offered. If you are interested in smartphone on contract, you will have to wait for a few months.

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