Samsung has launched a healthcare application S Health for the GALAXY S III

When Samsung announced its flagship Android-smartphone i.e. Galaxy S III in March of this year, among other things, it’s presented a very interesting application for named as S Health. Now it is the time to run this product.

S Health app for Galaxy S III

The main purpose of S Health app to collects data on health status of the owner of a smartphone. The app helps to keep a track that how a healthy lifestyle he or she leads, and there are no obvious threats to the health of the user. New product is compatible with a wide range of medical sensors, such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and monitors for the determination of body composition. When you start S health application specific sensors will automatically transmit the full range of medical information on the smartphone GALAXY S III via Bluetooth-connection or via USB-port, informing the user about the status of his health at this time.
S Health app collects health data and translates the results into graphs or tables for the user to see the full picture of the state of his health in an easy to understand format. S Health allows you to track and compare health indicators over a long period of time. This feature is especially important for those users who because of illness must constantly monitor the specific criteria of their health. Easy to adapt to the personal needs of each user – you can use it to track the change in weight, counting calories, remind yourself of the need for medication, and more.

In addition, the product includes a social component, namely, the ability to share their achievements with friends in social networks. Positive results can be a great motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

At the moment, a new application is available for residents of Western Europe (Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain), and Korea. S Health for GALAXY S III can be downloaded by Samsung More Services, as a pre-loaded application. Samsung is planning to gradually introduce S Health app in other app markets.


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