Sharp and Qualcomm will jointly develop energy efficient IGZO displays

The company Sharp and Qualcomm have signed an agreement on joint development of energy-saving LCD panels for smartphones and in this case they are going to use none other than most recent IGZO displays technology.

IGZO displays

The new screen panels from Sharp and Qualcomm will be based on the technology of Sharp IGZO (indium-gallium-zinc oxide), which provides lower power consumption.

Details of the transaction will be announced later. So far, it is reported that Sharp will receive from Qualcomm, 5 billion yen (about $ 61 million) in the form of new shares by the end of this year. Additional 5 billion yen will be allocated by Sharp after substantial progress in the development of the new panel.

Representatives of both companies had no immediate comment. If we specifically talk about these Sharp IGZO displays, these new technology display are more efficient in term of power consumption and also in term of resolutions, in past few weeks we have seen few smartphones and monitor displays integrated with IGZO which are receiving massive response from people as well.

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